Interviews & Mentions by National & Intl Media

Interview with Caroline St-Hilaire (substituting for Sophie Durocher). (24 February 2020). L’hypertrucage ou « deep fake » : dangereux pour la démocratie ? On n’est pas obligé d’être d’accord. QUB Radio.

‘Demand for Deceit’: What drives disinformation by Democracy Digest news and analysis about democratic ideas and institutions.

‘Demand for Deceit’: What drives disinformation by Democracy Digest news and analysis about democratic ideas and institutions.جلسة-حوار-الدكتورة-ناديا-النفي-وريادة-المرأة-علماً

مخزومي: نصرّ على تمكين المرأة لاكتساب العلم والعمل (April 2019). Support Beirut.

جلسة حوار.. الدكتورة ناديا النفي و”ريادة المرأة علماً وتعليماً” (April 2019). Lebanon 24.جلسة-حوار-الدكتورة-ناديا-النفي-وريادة-المرأة-علماً

الدكتورة في التربية ناديا النفي، الحائزة على ميدالية حاكم كندا العام، وحبّ مدّ الجسور (September 2018). RCI. Shot 2018-09-19 at 9.05.16 PM.png

Alumna Receives Canada’s Highest Academic Honor by Raissa Batakji (August 2018) Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.57.36 PM

Interview by Habib Zaarour  (July, 2018).


Mention by Lebanon 24 (June 26). إنجاز اغترابي في كندا.. ميدالية التفوّق الأكاديمي للدكتورة ناديا النفّي

Mention in the Aliwaa Newspaper, p.15. (June 1, 2018).

ميدالية ذهبية للتفوق الأكاديمي من كندا لناديا النفيNational News Agency – Lebanon.إيلان غطاس. 31, 2018)

نادية النفي…فخر الجالية اللبنانية والعربية تحصل على ارفع تكريم اكاديمي من الحاكم العام في كندا. Sada Almashrik . 29, 2018) Sada Almashrek

Face au cyberharcèlement, transformer les témoins en “agents du changement”. Fabien Soyez. VousNousIls.

Interviewed by Paloma Martínez. Radio Canada International. (December 9, 2017).

Interviewed by Jody Vance. Middays with Jody Vance. Roundhouse Radio 98’3 Vancouver. (November 15, 2017).

Interviewed by Danielle Smith. Online Hate Speech.NewsTalk770. (November 7, 2017).

‘We are both researchers and communicators’. From op-eds and articles with global reach to anti-discrimination workshops, Concordia’s inaugural public scholars are making moves. Tatiana St-Louise. (November 13, 2017).

7 Concordians who make international headlines. The President’s Media Outreach Awards honour the year’s top newsmakers. Fiona Downey. (November 1, 2017)

Press Release by Joanne Latimer and Marisa Lancione. Nouvelle recherché: Améliorer la defence des droits des réfugiés en 4 heures. (September 27, 2017).

Press Release by Joanne Latimer and Marisa Lancione. New research: How to enhance refugee advocacy in 4 hours. (September 27, 2017).–how-to-enhance-refugee-advocacy-in-4-hours-.html?c=news/media-relations

Lebanon24 :إنجاز اغترابي جديد.. بتوقيع اللّبنانية نادية النفِّي في كندا

Editor’s notebook: Bringing some of Montreal’s finest minds to our Opinion pages. Lucinda Chodan, Montreal Gazette. (June 20, 2017).

SSHRC president congratulates winners of national contest to communicate research in a compelling way. (May 29, 2017)

Meet Concordia’s two new SSHRC Storytellers — including a 2017 winner! Concordia University News.(May 29, 2017)

Big pictre at #congressh: Storytelling in the Digital Era. Karen Leiva. (May 26, 2017).

Comprendre les représentations des réfugiés syriens partagés en ligne, le projet de Nadia Naffi. Frédéric Bouchard. (May 25, 2017).

Interviewed by Anne-Marie Yvon. L’impact des medias sociaux sur l’intégration des réfugiés.Radio Canada International ( February 13, 2017)

Interviewed in Arabic by Fadi Harouni.مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي وتأثيرها على مواقف الناس من موضوع استقبال اللاجئينL’impact des medias sociaux sur l’intégration des réfugiés.Radio Canada International. ( February 13, 2017)

Interviewed by Chantal Srivastava. La peur des réfugiés. Doc/postdoc. Les années lumières (November 20, 2016).

Interviewed by Mireille Bridi Bouabjian. Prestige Magazine. (November, 2016).

Interviewed by Barry Morgan. Barry Morgan Show. CJAD800AM. (September 26, 2016). How social media affects our perception of refugees.

Interviewed by Simon Coutu. VICE Québec. (September 26, 2016). Le racism sur Twitter et Facebook nuirait à l’intégration des réfugiés.

Interviewed by Derick Fagel. Breakfast Television Montreal. City TV. (September 20, 2016). Social Media Attitudes Toward Syrian Refugees. []

Interviewed by Myriam Fimbry. (September 15, 2016). ICI-Radio Canada. [] at min 3:34. []

Press Release by Cléa Desjardins. (September 14, 2016). How social media shapes attitudes towards refugees Fear-mongering or friendly? A Concordia researcher investigates the fallout from online chatter, and its policy ramifications. []

Press Release by Cléa Desjardins. (September 14, 2016). Alarmistes ou bienveillants, les médias sociaux influencent les attitudes envers les réfugiés. Une chercheuse de l’Université Concordia étudie les répercussions – politiques et autres – du bavardage en ligne []

Interviewed by Alexandra Nadeau. (May 14, 2014). Drogués du “like” []